UserReminder for phpBB

UserReminder is an extension for the BB-software phpBB which installs an ACP extension listing all users who have been active contributors to your forum but stopped posting a number of days ago which you can define ("Inactive users"). A second list shows you all users who have been activated but never visited your forum since ("sleepers"). A third list shows all users visiting on a regular basis but do not post anything ("Zero poster"). Inactive users can be reminded by e-mail once (or twice, you can select this feature) after a certain number of days you can define. After ignoring all reminders they can be deleted. Reminding mails can be sent by hand or automatically as well as deleting users can be done automatically. Inactive users will be removed from the list as soon as they log into your forum again. Sleepers and Zero posters are listed together with the number of inactive days (number of days since last login) and can only be deleted by hand. The automatic sending of e-mails and the automatic deletion of users is done whenever a user logs into your board (including visiting bots which are not really logging into the board but trigger the same routine). The deletion of users is done by retaining their posts to avoid gaps in the threads of your boards fora.

Version 1.3.3 has been submitted for approval today; it now excludes banned users from being reminded or deleted and enables the three "productive" ACP modules "Remind", "Sleepers" and "Zeroposters" to be called from another ACP tab as well (e.g. the quick access tab on the general page of the ACP).

Current stable version of phpBB3 extension mot/userreminder is 1.3.5 with language files in German (both informal and formal honorifics), English, French, Dutch and Spanish

You can download this file here.